August 30 2018
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Kemi Williams - September 10 2018

Thank you to you guys for the warm words of comfort. Sending strength to everyone who can relate. I hope we all find healing.

Kenechukwu, I’m so glad you’re in a better place ❤️.

Free - September 05 2018

This is beautifully written, and refreshingly honest. I can relate to most of what was written, and it makes me both happy, and sad, that this resonates so deeply with me. I’m always the one who loves, who cares, who goes out of my way for people I love, and very rarely has it been reciprocated. I sometimes wonder whether I will finally ‘harden’ my heart, but I think deep down, I know that I will remain this way. So my only hope is that the next person I love (romantically), will not cause me any more emotional pain, cause I don’t think I’d survive it.

Daniel - September 04 2018

Pain has altered me too but in a very strange way.

I feel like anytime I’m less caring and less compassionate in a relationship or friendship, I’m being chased and wanted.

However, when I’m sweet, vulnerable and more loving, I get taken for granted.

This has happened repeatedly albeit in small scales but just like you Kemi, now, I just want to be a kind and nice person, not the guy that gives his all.

Makes me ask: is love toxic?

Kenechukwu - August 31 2018

This is so personal. It feels like I wrote this because the same 2015 was a very tough year for me and my marriage. I suffered depression all alone, I contemplated killing myself. But now I am in a much better space, thank the Lord! I have learnt oh. It is because of blogs like this TGLM that I have learnt. Well, I am more cynical than I ever thought I’d be. Pain can do you like that.

I know I have changed. For my own good, I have changed.

So Kemi, I am sending you love. You are not alone. <3

Yetunde - August 30 2018

This really speaks to me. I write little notes to myself and I realized I was thinking about how I’ve been altered by pain, I see things differently now. I’m not so naive anymore, but I look at it as growth. So yeah, I really love this piece Kemi Williams. Sending you love and light ❤️

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