November 26 2017
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Covenant Umeh - October 24 2018

It’s obviously an article in which time was invested to produce. But, i think youve fallen prey of your own warning “reading in context”
1 peter 2 continued to vs 25, if we are to read 1 Peter 3vs 1 contextually we would read chapter 2 vs 25 into chapter 3 vs 1, hence our thought would be drawn from vs 24 and 25 in explaining chapter 3 vs 1.
if we do that, it would give a whole meaning to what youve explained, it would mean that “likewise” in chapter 3 vs 1 would be in reference to chapter 2 vs 25… which is Christ’s example, and the example of the church.

Sinmi - July 01 2018

Hey, I just came across your handle and eventually, this link. This is a fantastic write up if I’m being honest and it’s clear you put in a lot of time and effort. I’ve always thought along this line too but just never had the facts or anything concrete to ever back up my opinion with, so thank you very much for this, I’ll be referring this to every woman in my life who needs it, God bless you.

Ruth - June 15 2018

May God bless you for this write up, i’ve always known that ‘submission’ as is interpreted today is just been used as a means of slavery on women. I never knew how to explain it to myself or understand it. Each time i tried to read the verses on submission i’d always Just end up confused. But I always knew that refusing to agree with their interpretation didn’t make me any less of a Christian. I’ve also never understood how they are able to understand that slavery should be given a cultural interpretation but submission shouldn’t. They want to practice Christianity they way it was practiced then. Thank You very much for this article.

Omonike Charles-Binitie - June 15 2018

Wow! This should be taught everywhere! Great job on the research

Kunle Sanya - June 15 2018

Quite an engaging read. I totally see what you are talking about. Context really is KING.

Sharon Phiri - June 15 2018

I love the amount of research that went into this

Tii Folorunsho - March 16 2018

These words here are gold!!!

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